Cone Beam CT Scans for Dental Implants By Yamen Akhras on April 06, 2018

Photo of a dental CT unitSince their advent, dental implants have become widely recognized as the most successful teeth replacement option available today. In order for these restorations to last a lifetime, they need to be placed strategically and precisely within the jawbone. 

At Premier Dental & Implant Center in Orland Park, IL, we utilize advanced diagnostic dental technology to plan accurate treatment. We always recommend a cone beam CT scan for dental implants so our patients can enjoy a predictable result. 

Today, we will discuss why bone density is so important for successful dental implants. We will also explore the benefits of having a cone beam CT scan before your surgery begins. 

Why Is Bone Density So Important for Dental Implants?

The jawbone is the foundation of the teeth. This strong, dense tissue holds the roots firmly in place. For the same reason, adequate bone density is also necessary for the successful placement of dental implants. The long-term predictability of an implant increases when it is placed into healthy bone. When a cone beam CT scan is taken, it can help your doctor visualize the structure of your jawbone and detect areas that are lacking volume.

Benefits of Having a Cone Beam CT Scan before Dental Implant Placement

Because a cone beam CT scan captures accurate 3-D images of the teeth, gums, and surrounding maxillofacial structures, this technology offers numerous benefits for the field of implant dentistry. Here, we will explore just a few of these advantages.

Accurate Treatment Planning

Not only does a cone beam CT scan capture images of the oral cavity, but it also allows your doctor to accurately measure the width and height of the bone ridge, down to the millimeter. In addition, a virtual dental implant can be placed on the digital image itself. In other words, your doctor can have your entire surgery planned out before the first incision is ever made.

Precise Implant Size Selection

Because a cone beam CT scan allows your doctor to measure the implant site, he or she can select the exact implant size and diameter necessary for the most optimal results. This diagnostic tool quite literally takes all the guesswork out of treatment planning.

Proper Angulation

When placing an implant, positioning is important. Not only is the angulation of the post itself crucial, but also that of the connector (abutment) and restoration as well. A cone beam CT scan allows your dental team to plan out the entire process before it begins. 

Prevention of Nerve Injury

There are two major nerves that run along the mandibular jaw. It is important to stay a few millimeters away from these nerves when placing dental implants. Otherwise, it could result in paresthesia. Having a cone beam CT scan taken before your procedure can prevent this from happening. 

Prevention of Sinus Penetration

Just as the mandibular jaw contains nerves, the maxillary jaw contains sinus cavities. If you are having implants placed in the upper premolar or molar area, it is imperative that the posts do not interfere with the sinuses. For example, if precautions are not taken, the implants could penetrate the sinus membrane.

Learn More about Cone Beam CT Scans at Our Practice

Modern advances have made dentistry much more predictable. If you are thinking of replacing teeth with dental implants, it is important to have proper diagnostic imaging taken before proceeding with your surgery. To learn more about our cone beam CT scanner, contact us online or call us at (708) 873-9709.

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