Five Common Root Canal Myths By Yamen Akhras on January 22, 2023

Root canal therapyLearning that you need restorative dental work can be disheartening, but few dental treatments bring on more dread than a root canal. A root canal has a reputation for being a painful, lengthy, and costly dental procedure. Unfortunately, these and other root canal myths sometimes keep people from getting necessary dental work.

Dr. Fuwad Al-Sabek, who serves the Orland Park, IL, area, specializes in root canal treatment and knows its benefits. Here, he dispels five common root canal myths to provide individuals with a better understanding of how a root canal enhances oral strength and functions.

Myth #1: Root Canals Are Painful

The most widespread root canal myth is that root canals are painful. This may have been true hundreds of years ago when dental anesthetic was not widely used, but it is not the case now. Prior to starting root canal treatment, Dr. Al-Sabek numbs the area with a local anesthetic. With proper anesthesia, root canal treatment should be virtually pain-free. Patients should feel no more discomfort than they would when receiving a dental filling.

For patients who are especially sensitive to pain or who are prone to dental anxiety, we also offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry puts patients into an even deeper state of comfort and relaxation. With sedation dentistry, patients often walk away from root canal treatment with no memory of the experience.

Myth #2: Root Canal Treatment Requires Many Trips to the Dentist

Another concern that people tend to have when they hear they need a root canal is that they will need to undergo numerous dental appointments to complete their treatment. In truth, root canal treatment is completed in just two dental appointments. At the first appointment, the tooth is cleaned to eliminate infection, and a temporary dental crown is placed. Our Orland Park patients return for a second dental appointment when their permanent crown is complete. The permanent crown adds a layer of strength and protection that minimizes the risk of further infections or other dental complications.

Myth #3: During Root Canal Treatment The Roots of a Tooth are Removed

It is common for people to be unsure of exactly what happens during root canal treatment. It is a myth that the roots of a tooth are removed during a root canal. The roots of the tooth are cleaned but remain intact. Instead, the pulp of the tooth is removed. The pulp is the core of the tooth that is made up of sensitive nerves and tissues. Removing the pulp of a tooth allows Dr. Al-Sabek to completely eliminate the infection.

Myth #4: It Is Better to Pull a Tooth Than Get a Root Canal

Some of our Orland Park patients mistakenly believe that it is better to pull a tooth than undergo a root canal. Saving the natural tooth is always preferred over pulling a tooth. Preserving the natural tooth and its root structure promotes healthy jaw bone growth and supports oral strength and functions.

Myth #5: Root Canals Are Expensive

Another reason people may hesitate to undergo a root canal is they believe it is too expensive. Root canal treatment at our dental practice tends to cost around $900 to $1200, depending on the patient’s unique needs. However, many of these costs are covered by dental insurance, so out-of-pocket expenses are minimized. We also offer financing to assist with costs that aren’t covered by insurance so patients can find a way to fit treatment within their budget.

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If you have signs of a root canal infection, such as inflamed gums and oral pain, it is important to consider the benefits of root canal therapy. A root canal can eliminate pain while enhancing oral strength and functions. To learn more about this dental procedure, send us a message online or call (708) 873-9709 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Al-Sabek.

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