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A woman laughingThe people living in the greater Orland Park area know that our practice provides expert care and advanced dental services. We want to meet the diverse needs of this community, which means properly tailoring treatments to address dental problems of various kinds.

A number of patients have come to us with issues that involve dental spacing and gaps between their teeth. Sometimes the gaps are minor, and other times the gaps are caused by tooth loss. Let's cover some of the basics of this problems and then briefly go over some ideal treatment options.

The Problems Caused by Tooth Gaps

Gaps between teeth can lead to a number of cosmetic issues as well as dental health issues. Let's examine each of these matters separately.

In terms of cosmetic issues, a major gap between your teeth can be the source of self-consciousness. This is especially true of gaps between your two front teeth. This can make you hesitant to smile and laugh, even around friends you've known for years. When a gap is the result of a missing tooth, these issues are more pronounced.

In terms of dental health and function, a gap between your teeth can lead to problems with proper oral hygiene. There could also be an issue with dental alignment to consider, which may make regular biting and chewing more uncomfortable than it should be. When the gap is the result of a missing tooth, biting and chewing can be more difficult.

Dental Bonding

For minor gaps between teeth, some dentists may consider dental bonding. Dental bonding uses tooth-colored dental resin that is painted directly onto a tooth. This builds tooth structure outward and helps fill the gap.

Porcelain Veneers

When a gap is too large to be treated with dental bonding, a porcelain veneer may be considered. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic that are used to mask the front of a tooth from view. This can significantly enhance the shape and size of a tooth, which helps close a gap.

Porcelain veneers are also commonly used to address chips, cracks, stains, asymmetry, and crowding which is predominantly cosmetic in nature.

Orthodontic Treatment

If the gap or gaps between a person's teeth are a health issue rather than a purely cosmetic one, that's when a dentist may recommend orthodontic treatment. This will involve realignment and adjustment of the teeth and dental arch, closing gaps, and enhancing the look of the smile as well.

While traditional braces may be all that's required for orthodontic care, there are other systems out there to consider as well. Sometimes oral surgery becomes part of the orthodontic treatment process.

Dealing with Gaps from Missing Teeth

If the gap between teeth is the result of tooth loss, there are many restorative options to keep in mind. A dental bridge tends to be the most ideal option. Sometimes a crown supported by a dental implant is worth considering as well.

Picking the Right Option for You and Your Needs

Ultimately, the best option for the patient and their needs will be determined during the consultation process. By fully assessing the situation as it stands, we can tailor the dental treatment to suit your smile.

Learn More About Improving Your Smile

For more information about treating tooth gaps and improving the overall health of your smile, be sure to contact our advanced dental care and oral surgery center today. The team at Premier Dental & Implant Center will work with you to improve overall dental wellness.

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