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Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you have a combination of oral health concerns, a single dental procedure may not be enough to resolve them.

Our Orland Park, IL, dentists offer full mouth reconstruction—a customized restorative treatment plan designed just for you.

Premier Dental & Implant Center offers dental implants, crowns, treatment for gum disease, and more. Ready to begin?

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Full mouth reconstruction is not one dental procedure, but several—each chosen to help you meet specific oral health needs in a more streamlined manner. We commonly combine treatments like dental implantsorthodonticsroot canal therapy, and gentle tooth extraction to create full mouth reconstruction plans. Whether you're dealing with tooth decay, gum disease, missing teeth, or misaligned teeth, our Orland Park, IL, dental office can create an effective plan just for you.

It's important to know that full mouth reconstruction is intended for patients in need of restorative dentistry treatments rather than cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you have primarily aesthetic concerns instead, treatments like veneers, gum contouring, or cosmetic crowns can help you achieve your goals.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments Offered at Our Orland Park, IL, Practice

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the very best choice to replace missing teeth. Because the implants fuse with the jaw after surgical placement, they are the most stable base for restorations like crowns, bridges, and dentures. They also stimulate the jaw, preventing facial changes, further tooth loss, and other issues. Dr. Yamen Akhras, our periodontist and implant specialist, completed advanced dental implant training at the Misch Institute and the Urban Regeneration Institute. He is well-qualified to restore your smile with this life-changing treatment option.

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Dental Restorations

Our Orland Park dentists can craft you a custom dental crown, dental bridge, or denture from high-quality materials that look and feel great. Dental crowns can protect single teeth, while bridges can replace up to four teeth in a row and dentures can replace an entire arch. We offer both traditional and implant-supported versions of each of these restorations.

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Root Canal Treatment

When an infection reaches the inner portion of a tooth, time is of the essence. Root canal treatment can eliminate the infection and save your tooth from being extracted. Despite what you may have heard, root canals actually do more to relieve pain than to cause it. Add in calming sedation, and it's likely you won't feel much of anything at all during the procedure. Afterward, we can cover the treated tooth with a custom crown to restore function and appearance.

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Gingivitis can quickly spiral into periodontitis, or gum disease, if left untreated. It can cause your gums to weaken and recede, leading to loose teeth, pain, and chronic bad breath. Dr. Samer Shaltoni, our dedicated periodontist, can help you avoid the risks of advanced gum disease with virtually painless gum therapy options, including scaling and root planing and gum grafts.

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Did you know that straightening your smile benefits your oral health? Properly aligned teeth are much easier to clean, which decreases the risk of cavities and gum disease. If you're dealing with crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or other kinds of misalignment, our dentists can help with braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign®. Orthodontic care can make a great finishing touch for your full mouth reconstruction, helping you enjoy good oral health and better aesthetics for years to come.

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Your Comfort Is a Priority At Premier Dental & Implant Center

When you work with us, you won't have to worry about anxiety or discomfort during any stage of your full mouth reconstruction. Our team offers oral conscious sedation and IV sedation to ensure a relaxed experience. We can also coordinate with a board-certified anesthesiologist to provide general anesthesia for more intensive procedures.

Insurance and Financing Accepted How We Make Full Mouth Reconstruction Affordable

Premier Dental & Implant Center accepts most forms of dental insurance. Full mouth reconstruction treatments are most often classified as restorative dentistry, so you can expect to receive coverage.

If you are uninsured or concerned about expenses not covered by insurance, know that we also accept financing through CareCredit®, which offers loans repayable in monthly installments with little to no interest attached.

Premier Dental & Implant Center

Premier Dental & Implant Center

At Premier Dental & Implant Center, we provide high-quality dental care for your entire family. Periodontist and implant specialist Yamen Akhras, DDS, MS and our team offer a full range of dental services. We are also proud to be affiliated with:

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