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Sinus Lift

Have you been told you don't qualify for dental implants because of bone loss in your upper jaw?

A sinus lift to build up your jawbone in this area can help you become a candidate for implants.

At Premier Dental & Implant Center in Orland Park, IL, we can handle your smile from sinus lift to final implant placement. 

What is a Sinus Lift? Take a Closer Look at the Procedure

The sinuses are air-filled cavities just above the upper jaw. A sinus lift, or sinus augmentation, is a dental surgery that raises the lining of the sinus cavity and adds bone to the back of the upper jaw to prepare for dental implant placement. 

Who Can Benefit From a Sinus Lift? Implant Patients With Lack of Bone Density

A sinus lift can help you qualify for dental implants when there isn't currently enough bone present due to bone atrophy after tooth loss. During sinus lift surgery, the maxillary sinus membrane is lifted and bone graft material is placed to help strengthen your jaw. Once the bone has healed sufficiently, the dental implant surgical process can begin.

The Sinus Lift Procedure

We can handle your entire dental implant procedure, from preparatory procedures like sinus lifts to final restoration placement.
We can handle your entire dental implant procedure, from preparatory procedures like sinus lifts to final restoration placement.

Explore During a Consultation

Your dentist at our Orland Park, IL, office will conduct a thorough evaluation of your oral structures to see if sinus lift surgery is needed to prepare your upper jaw for dental implants. They will take scans of your teeth, sinuses, and jawbone using digital X-rays.

Relax With Anesthesia

On the day of the sinus lift procedure, you'll be given local anesthetic to numb the area where the surgery will take place. We also offer sedation options, and can have an anesthesiologist come into our office if you'd prefer treatment under general anesthesia.

Creating Incisions

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, our dentist will make an incision in the gum tissue over the area where the implant placement is planned. 

Exposing the Sinus Membrane

After the initial incision, our surgeon will gently lift the gum tissue and expose the underlying bone. They will then create a small window in the bone to access the sinus membrane within the sinus cavity.

Lifting the Sinus Membrane

Your dentist will carefully push the maxillary sinus membrane upward, creating a space between the membrane and the jawbone. 

Grafting the Bone

A bone graft is placed in the void created between the sinus membrane and the jawbone to create additional bone density needed for dental implant placement.

Closing the Incisions

After the bone graft is placed, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures. You will be given post-operative instructions, including pain management and care for the surgical site. 

Healing From Surgery

The healing period for a sinus augmentation typically lasts several months, during which the graft material integrates with your natural bone and creates a stable foundation for implant placement.

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My Implant journey has been nothing short of amazing. I cannot extol enough praise for Dr. Akhras. I have my smile back. He has given me the confidence to laugh unabashedly, speak boldly, and grin from ear to ear. 

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This Practice is wonderful, they have a professional to cover all of your dental issues. Just completed a dental implant, virtually pain free and each step was handled with great care. Veronica gave me a dental cleaning today, best ever, thanks to your wonderful staff!

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