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Guided Tissue Regeneration

Periodontal disease damages the supporting structures of the mouth, leading to loose teeth, tooth loss, and more.

Guided tissue regeneration can reinforce your jawbone to save your teeth and allow for restorative procedures.

Let our published periodontist at Premier Dental & Implant Center in Orland Park, IL, strengthen your supportive tissues.

What Is
Guided Tissue Regeneration?

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Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) is a treatment for jawbone recession that uses special membranes to guide the growth of new bone tissue.

Normally when gum and bone tissues regenerate, the gum tissue grows faster. This can prevent bone tissue from growing where it should. However, you need bone tissue to anchor your teeth in place. This is where GTR comes in.

Our periodontist, Dr. Samer Shaltoni, can place membranes in between the hard and soft tissues in affected areas of your mouth, preventing gum tissue from growing in that space and allowing for the slower-growing bone to regenerate instead. This way, patients can have firm bone support for their teeth.

The GTR Procedure

Our team can administer IV sedation or oral conscious sedation to keep you relaxed throughout your treatment.
Our team can administer IV sedation or oral conscious sedation to keep you relaxed throughout your treatment.

Flap Surgery

We will numb the treatment area with local anesthesia; if needed, relaxing sedation is also available. The gum is opened with flap surgery and cleaned to remove all bacteria.

Membrane Placement

A membrane is placed between the gum and the remaining bone. The membrane provides space for the bone, allowing the tissue to rebuild itself.

Periodontal Care

As your bone rebuilds, you will have to keep up with your periodontal care. Be sure to follow a thorough at-home oral care routine and attend regular dental appointments to prevent periodontitis from reoccurring.

Remove Stitches

After about six months, new bone will grow in to support your teeth. You can return to our Orland Park, IL, office where our dentist will remove your stitches.

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